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Educate yoself

Oh good thanks body we already bleed out of our vaginas once a month but yeah let’s cut men a break

thanks a heap, biology

But like there is nothing bad about cellulite so what are you talking about “cutting men a break”? Like.. Cellulite is nothing.
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T Nation | Redefining The Female Bodybuilder


Well, this article kinda pisses me off. I’m sorry, I’ve seen people post it on here and say how much they love it. Well sorry, I do not. I don’t need you to redefine the female bodybuilder. You don’t like the female bodybuilders? You think they look manly and you don’t like that they use “drugs”…great. No one needs you to like it, especially not the women who are indeed female bodybuilders. You like to go to the gym and lift? Great, you’re fit! You might even be a fitness enthusiast! You’re not a bodybuilder. Bodybuilding is a sport. If someone likes to go shoot hoops at the end of their driveway are they now basketball players? Or are you a football player if you and your buddies go toss a ball around in the yard? No you’re not. Female bodybuilding is what it is. And I’m sorry if it keeps women away from the gym - but that’s a pretty weak fucking excuse if you ask me. I’m not trying to diminish anyone’s progress in the gym, if you’re in there doing work and kicking ass, that’s great and I’m super excited for you. But I also don’t want anyone to diminish what the ladies who are true bodybuilders do either…this article says they want bodybuilding to be all inclusive, what the fuck does that mean? That they get to redefine a term that doesn’t even apply to them and take it from the group that it ACTUALLY applies to. That’s some fucking nonsense and I am disappointed that t-nation would even post some garbage like that. I’m prepared for the unfollowing that is going to ensue in 3,2,1…

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I think it would be cool to do a photo series called “I Woke Up Like This” and it’s just women in their beds immediately after they’ve woken up, fucked up makeup, hair disheveled, you know. how humans awake from eight hours of unconsciousness.

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Tiger vs. Dustbuster

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"Hallo Mr. Fish!"

My curious kitten
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I just don’t feel like getting into any arguments so let’s talk about nutrition not related to keto.

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Someone pls give me an interesting nutrition fact thank you.

Like I’m probably going to end up talking about lchf and end up having everyone think I’m a potato idiot.

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Someone pls give me an interesting nutrition fact thank you.

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